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My order is showing as delivered, but I didn't receive it

If your order shows as delivered but hasn’t been received, we would recommend taking these steps before reaching out to us:. If all of the above has been carried out and you have still not been able to retrieve your parcel, please get in touch with o

What if my order is returned to sender?

Occasionally orders are returned back to our warehouse. There are a few reasons this can happen. Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure your address is correct. If you wish to have the order resent, please contact our support team ASAP. The

Customs & duties

All orders from Konges Sløjd are shipped from Denmark. Any customs and import duties that are charged once the order reaches its destination country, must be paid by the recipient of the order. Konges Sløjd have no control over these charges and cann

Does Konges Sløjd offer tax returns?

Konges Sløjd does not offer tax returns on orders placed outside EU. The price paid by you does not include VAT. We are not able to provide any assistance in terms of tax related questions.

Can I buy spare parts for my Konges Sløjd products?

Generally, we cannot yet provide spare parts for all our products. Please contact our customer service to request a certain spare part and they will do what they can to find a spare part for you.